#MakeItHappen this Spring 2018

#MakeItHappen | Spring 2018

By: Rafael Micha

#MeToo is the 2018 philanthropic must in nonprofit circles. The uber wealthy have committed to change, including the Rockefellers, Buffets, Gates et al. It is more than donating money, it is donating time; an expression of sincere commitment to a new due diligence of tomorrow.

Be it this movement or another nonprofit organization, always choose one that is close to home and heart. The following organizations are close to mine, where I donate my time, sit on the board, or just write checks.

Project Paz, based in New York is the Mexican outpost where Grupo HABITA and many other expats hold donation drives for all reasons including relief efforts in Mexico due to the September 19 earthquake. It is the preferred non-profit organization offering humanitarian aid in Mexico. projectpaz.org

Fundación Origen has a long-standing, uninterrupted 17 years of committed work helping women in Mexico.  It is an ongoing project by founder Mariana Baños that includes community centers, programs and events that empower women. fundacionorigen.org.mx

Niños en Alegría Their annual Gala raised more than $250,000 US this year. The funds will be used to help bring schools and education levels up to standard in the states of Guerrero, and Oaxaca. The organization is spearheaded by Alejandra Alemán who has 15 years of experience. They have helped more than three thousand children by creating 18 safe schools. In addition, in cooperation with the Board of Education and Movistar, the organization has touched thousands more with supplies and educational support. ninosenalegria.org.mx


Duerme Tranquilo is dear to my heart because of its unwavering commitment to providing health services to the vulnerable, thanks to founders Silvia Rojo and Rosaura Henkel and the commitment of members, foundations and institutes throughout Mexico. duermetranquilo.com.mx

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