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  Started by an Italian physical therapist as a way for athletes to recuperate from injuries, water spinning has taken its place in the exercise
world from NYC to Mexico to the Netherlands.
Also called aqua cycling, a specially-adapted bike is placed in the water and participants follow an instructor, just like in regular spinning. The participant adapts the water spinning program by adjusting speed. However, where landlubber spinners are limited to three positions, water spinning adds a fourth, where the rider hangs off the back of the bike, still pedaling, while engaging arms and hands in maintaining afloat.
Water spinning boasts benefits from the use of the water’s resistance which include less pressure on joints, the capacity to burn up to 800 calories in an hour and improved strength, stamina, posture and balance. The water can also act as a massage.
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than doinG the same moves on land.”
meets Water
“Water provides about 15 times more resistance - mary e. sanders, phd

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