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NBy Rafael Micha
ever take for granted organizations such as the Red Cross and Greenpeace which are always there in times of need. Set some money
aside for them annually at and
Another worthy cause is the Public Art Fund, an organization working towards creating exhibitions in all five boroughs of New York, shaping the way New Yorkers experience open space. Public art ventures have a great impact and help start a dialogue between the environment and its inhabitants.
Public Art Fund projects scheduled for 2020 include works by: photographers Farah Al Qasimi and Awol Erizku, whose works can be seen in the advertising spaces of bus shelters; five large-scale interactive sculptures by Davina Semo, a thematic survey of sculptor Melvin Edwards’ work, and Sam Moyer’s stone and marble installations in Central Park.
Photos Courtesy Of: Red Cross, Greenpeace, Public Art Fund, No Name, Shutterstock
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