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  Bringing power, strength and talent to the forefront, these female athletes – or simply, athletes – embody the mantra of “I am a woman, what’s your superpower?”
From a sporty all-star, a glowing surfer and a soccer sensation, to an inspiring wakeboarder and knockout boxer, these women take athletics and feminine strength to the next level.
In a rising world of girl power, these five powerhouses represent what it means to "act like a girl" – strong, athletic, smart, beautiful and inspiring.
Follow along on the journey of these influential women through their energizing Instagram feeds.
   Alex Aust
 From professional lacrosse player to coach, and yogi to Under Armour ambassador, Alex Aust finds her true happiness in coaching and empowering women. Having played lacrosse at the University of Maryland she became a national champion and Team USA gold medalist. Now living in Baltimore, coaching female athletes, this multifaceted workout queen continues to excel in everything she does.
Photos Courtesy Of: Alex Aust: Ian Johnston, Summer Macedo: Talia Pashey Gangini and Bryanna Bradley Photography, Sarah Thomas: Coty Tarr and Reebok
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