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Actress, film producer, and entrepreneur - this edition´s #OnTheCover Jennifer Aniston is timeless. Her work throughout the industry in numerous dramas and romantic comedies
continues to stand the test of time leaving viewers intrigued and captivated by her diverse collection of characters. Perhaps the most enduring character portrayal of them all was as Rachel Green on the iconic television sitcom Friends. Rising to international fame in 2004, it was her authentic and charismatic role that established her as the show´s breakout character ranking among the great in American television history. Lasting a decade with the final season filmed in 2004, it comes as no surprise that I could watch reruns of this classic New York sitcom any day of the week. Aniston changed our TV screens and soon became one of the world´s most recognizable faces, and then the hottest thing on Instagram.
Her performance in Friends led to a successful film career with box office hits including Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, Marley & Me, He´s Just Not That Into You, We´re the Millers, Dumplin´, and many more. Talented, accomplished, and versatile, Aniston consistently brings a quality of female influence and independence to the screens. Now, 15 years after Friends, Aniston has returned to TV in The Morning Show on the streaming service Apple TV Plus. Set behind the scenes of a news show, Aniston plays the dramatic role of a news anchor with a complex personal and professional life. “There’s a similarity to my life in this story and I relate in ways of feeling,” says Aniston. As both lead actor and executive producer on this project, her strong force and defining voice in this role challenges many issues that hope to create lasting impact in society.
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