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 Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a producer, comedian and actress who has seemingly single-handedly changed the role of women in comedy. In 1982 she joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Her rise to fame came with her acclaimed role as Elaine in the television series Seinfeld.
Following her Golden Globe-winning success on Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus spent five seasons starring in The New Adventures of the Old Christine. Hit after comedy hit, she then took on the role of producer and lead in her most popular television comedy ever, Veep, which had a seven-season run. For her performance on Veep, Louis-Dreyfus won six consecutive Emmy Awards and received five consecutive Golden Globe nominations.
2020 has seen her in the comedy-drama Downhill and as the voice of Laurel Lightfoot in the Pixar film Onward. In early 2020, Louis-Dreyfus signed a multi-year deal with Apple TV+ as both executive producer and star.
Louis-Dreyfus has been very active in charitable work including various organizations combatting cancer such as the Children's Tumor Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer, and Key to the Cure, among others.
In 2018 she received the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor presented by the Kennedy Center. She has been changing the world for decades with her performances and vibrant humor. She helps audiences laugh at and with the world, making it a better place for everyone.
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“Laughter is a basic human need along with love and food and an HBO subscription. There's no situation, none that isn't improved with a couple of laughs.”
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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