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 Kuma added concave, terracotta tile interiors to a Camper brand footwear store in Barcelona, Spain, in January.
In March he collaborated with a Tokyo Starbucks Reserve Roaster, creating an origami-like interior with hundreds of strands of copper cherry blossoms dangling in the air.
In September, Kuma’s Odunpazari Modern Museum, a series of gorgeously stacked, wooden-beam boxes, opened in Northwest Turkey.
And in December, in addition to the new Stadium, Kuma was off and running when he designed his first pair of athletic shoes for Asics, resplendent in white with crisscrossing bands that resemble woven bamboo.
Kuma, 66, is an architect for the future with a firm grounding in history, and respect for harmony between place and natural elements. Kuma’s work displays a stunning style that always impresses yet never overwhelms. His ability to outdo himself is unlimited; his drive, unstoppable.
“I think my architecture is some kind of frame of nature. With it, we can experience nature more deeply and more intimately.”
- Kengo Kuma

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