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 Take a bow, Jennifer Aniston, you’ve earned it. Nearly a quarter-century since Aniston first arrived on the scene, the beloved actress is poised to enjoy her best year ever
and fans and audiences can’t wait to see what lies next for one of the world’s brightest stars.
Perennially sexy, savvy, and refreshingly down-to- earth, Aniston started off 2020 with a media trifecta.
In January there was her Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Female Actor in A Drama Series for her much-acclaimed work on “The Morning Show.”
Aniston celebrated her 51st birthday, on February 11, the same day Interview magazine released a jaw- dropping photo shoot of an incredibly fit Aniston posing in clothing designed to highlight her yoga- toned abs, arms and legs.
   "How I’d describe myself in three words: In 1996 - Sweet, Naïve, Young. Today - Strong, Knowing, Excited."
 Photos Courtesy Of: ©Ruven Afanador / CPi Syndication, Getty Images, Warner Bros.
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