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  Vienna and Budapest, these fully restored and award-winning locomotive carriages furnish the romance and glamour of train travel as guests enjoy a timeless and elegant experience. The new carriages are each meticulously imagined and reflect the history of a bygone era yet are modernized for the most sophisticated traveler.
The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express destinations and routes are as thrilling as the experience of getting to them. On the iconic route from London to Venice, travelers will enjoy unparalleled and picturesque views of rural farmlands in France and Swiss Alpine valleys. The carriages offer world-class dining and their design is the ultimate in luxury train travel. Connecting two of Europe’s cultural epicenters, the route from Paris to Berlin is the newest adventure. If time and curiosity allow, embark on the journey from Paris to Istanbul, with stops in Budapest and Bucharest.
LUXURY TRAVEL | 99 Florence

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