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TBy Rafael Micha
here’s a lot going on in today’s world, and a wide array of causes need your support. Many people are struggling in 2020 and donations to organizations that help
women and artists during these tough times are more important than ever. Educate yourself and make your generosity count!
A good place to start is Mariana Baños' non-profit organization, Fundación Origen, which works to end
violence against women in Mexico and has helped transform the lives of more than 1,200,000 people.
Founded in 1999, Origen started Mexico’s first confidential hotline to help women with counseling, legal and medical advice. It also operates six centers across the country offering workshops in finance, self-esteem and strengthening the family unit. Your support is essential to the important work they do. Visit to find out more.
                                      Photos Courtesy Of: Shutterstock, The Metropolitan Opera in New York
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