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 FKristofer Dayne Penseyres
ilm producer, creative director and marketing and communications specialist, Kristofer Dayne Penseyres created his film production company in 2011, producing three independent features that are marketed online and in stores internationally, as well as promos for
Sony Pictures Television, UK.
In 2014, he joined Twenty-First Luxury and was chief marketing officer and creative director of Hadoro Paris and NOUS Concept.
Now based in his native Geneva, Penseyres heads The Creativicals an innovative brand development consultancy that promotes service-driven businesses.
Deborah McCormick
eborah McCormick’s wanderlust for far-away places led her to pursue a travel-writing career. She was managing editor for in-flight magazine Wild Blue Yonder, and then brand director working with East West Resorts.
McCormick has bridged the architect’s vision with compelling branding for resorts including one of the top 25 spas in the world: Spa Anjali at the Westin in Beaver Creek. Under the tagline “Where Nature Natures” McCormick created a positioning platform intrinsically tied to the inspiring Colorado Rocky Mountains.
oel Peterson is an Arizona MBA graduate with an unconventional yet exceptional history in client management and promotion. He has worked with major entertainment companies such as Warner
Music Group and E Networks, as well as the consulting firm Mint Lifestyle in Beverly Hills. His expertise is currently engaged at Element Lifestyle where he is the director of client management. | 29

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