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 Mexico City-based architect and designer Alejandro Herrasti shares a firm belief that every project carries its own unique identity. Perfectly blending the worlds
of architecture, interior design and construction, most notably in luxury private residences, renowned hotels and exclusive apartments, the driving force behind Alejandro Herrasti Architects centers around the innate ability to bring to life the charm and nature of each extraordinary endeavor.
Photos Courtesy Of: Jordi Farré, Alejandro Herrasti
Not defined by simply one characteristic, Herrasti´s style is extensive ranging from classical and colonial to modern and contemporary. It is his dedication to every project from start to finish that makes him one of the most sought-after architects and designers in the city´s swanky Polanco area. From flying to other countries to hand-pick furniture, to connecting the modest spaces inside a 1,000-square-foot apartment, to completing a grand quarry project in the record time of nine months, Herrasti will do it all.
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