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  “The Times may have changed, buT The people are sTill The same. We're sTill looking for love, and ThaT Will alWays be our sTruggle as human beings.”
There’s an undeniable glow to a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin, and at 54, Halle Berry is simply luminous, more beautiful inside and out than ever before.
Earlier this year the former beauty queen, award- winning actress and mother of two unabashedly skateboarded through the streets wearing bikini
bottoms, looking flawless, supremely confident and re-energized as she navigates new chapters in her nearly 30-year-career.
Berry wows whether she’s in sweats or sequins but her talent is her most stunning quality, one that has allowed Berry to slip into varied roles like a shape shifter.
Photos Courtesy Of: Getty Images, IG @HALLEBERRY (Paul Mclean/Lga Management)

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