Page 93 - Ocean Blue World Magazine - 25th Edition
P. 93

   Ahub of activity, models are styled by Deyá´s squad of hair, makeup and stylist experts while the production crew craft their best lighting and
set design under her insightful guidance.
The environment is inviting, comfortable and collaborative as the team organically bounce ideas off of one another. With the creative process underway, Deyá connects with each model to define the unique concept and inspiration, which on personal shoots casts light on female strength embraced by a sense of vulnerability.
Aiming for perfection is no easy feat but it is precisely this quality that is rooted in her skill and captured in the “glorious moment when the model truly connects with me and the concept in front of the lens,” she says. It takes a real eye for creativity and perfection to understand the inner workings of art, and naturally, Melina Deyá has it mastered. | 93

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