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 Consider them lifestyle architects, a team of wizards who work behind the scenes to make requests happen seamlessly, no matter how over-the-top.
Element’s dedication to every detail of the services and experiences they offer is key to personalizing each experience, and prospective clients are asked to fill out an extensive, 16- page questionnaire, which includes everything from flight preferences to food allergies to allow them to anticipate every need.
One trick they managed to pull off perfectly was to fly world- renowned Chef Eric Ripert to Las Vegas to cook an exquisite, private, eight-course dinner as a birthday present for a client’s wife.
Unless it’s illegal, the sky is the limit. “We have a client who wants to ride motorcycles with Bruce Springsteen,” co-founder Michael Albanese told Forbes. “We don’t say no to our clients.”
Your most outrageous wish is, quite literally, their command.
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 Chef Eric Ripert | 99 Florence

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