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Ashley Horner @ashley.horner
Ashley Horner is a fitness influencer and competitor who has dedicated her impressive career toward giving back to communities most in need. This
past November, Horner took on an unthinkable endurance challenge running 40 continual hours in her hometown of Virginia Beach to raise money for the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Haiti — an organization she has partnered with for the last five years. With a social following of over 1.5 million, Horner continues to use her passion for fitness to compliment an entrepreneurial spirit that has seen her take on multiple successful business ventures. These include custom gyms, experiences, clothing lines, and her own coffee/whiskey bar called “American Brew” in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
       Photos Courtesy Of: Athelo Group
Marcus Holman @marcusholman1
Marcus Holman is one of the bright young stars of American men’s lacrosse. Serving as both a player and a coach, Holman is a true steward of the sport. Following an accomplished four-year collegiate career at the University of North
Carolina, Holman has pursued lacrosse professionally while also finding ways to empower the next generation of the game through coaching. In addition to playing for the Archers Lacrosse Club of the Premier Lacrosse League, Holman has been an assistant coach with the University of Utah men’s lacrosse program since 2016. If he is not coaching or playing, he is furthering his commitment toward growing the sport by working with youth lacrosse camps and clinics across the country. |17

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