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n the 20 years since he launched his first perfume Two decades later, the Frédéric Malle repertoire includes 32 collection, Frédéric Malle has transformed the industry original scents, among them Portrait of a Lady with 400 rose by going back to the basics of perfume making, taking flowers per 100 ml, and Le Parfum de Thérèse with hints of risks and creating truly unique products meant to citrus, rose and leather.
dazzle by their quality, not by their marketing.
Nephew of famed French director Louis Malle, Frédéric Malle recalls a childhood spent in the halls of the Louvre rather than on the playground. Perfume is also in Malle’s blood, as his grandfather founded Parfums Christian Dior.
His own venture into the industry came about when he realized that the world’s top perfume makers were frustrated at how stale the mass market had become, and longed to go back to making boutique perfumes with original and daring scents that would appeal to a niche market, rather than the department store crowd. Malle brought these parfumiers together and curated the brand’s first collection of six unusual scents.
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Malle, whom the Fragrance Foundation named its 2018 Game Changer, has revitalized the perfume industry, and while the perfumes he curates aren’t necessarily for everyone, they mark a return to the notion that scent doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all.
“Fragrances are very much matching each person's physiology, and so people's attitude with fragrance is very much linked
to their inner self.”
— Frédéric Malle

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