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Cavill is also a huge gamer and builds his own gaming consoles. Cavill’s keen interest in playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher came after playing the video game based on the
series of fantasy novels for hundreds of hours.
And when he lobbied for and was cast in the part of the monster-slaying Rivia, Cavill made sure, just as he did with Superman, that his character respected the lore surrounding the fantasy genre’s stories, knowing that die-hard fans, himself included, are sticklers for details.
After wrapping the first season playing the monster- slayer, in which his eight-pack abs and grueling physical fitness regimen came in handy, Cavill mild-mannerly slipped into another iconic role, that of Sherlock Holmes
opposite Millie Bobby Brown in the title role of Enola Holmes, donning a three-piece suit and portraying the beloved character better known for his cerebral, rather thank physical, prowess.
Cavill’s performance is more subtle and nuanced in this 2020 film, allowing the spotlight to be placed firmly on Brown, while also providing the emotional connection needed to support the siblings’ relationship.
Up next for the dashing, multi-faceted Cavill is a return to the role of Superman in 2021’s Justice League and season two of The Witcher, but we’ll certainly be seeing much more of this captivating and gifted star in the years to come as he approaches roles with utter determination, analytical intelligence, unbridled talent and an exuberance that knows no bounds.
  Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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