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Nitro Highlander Snowboard
The Highlander´s exclusive Koroyd® Powercore with new Antiphase Technology makes for the smoothest ride even at light speeds.
DGambit Inspired
esigned by Marcel Wanders studio
for Baccarat, the king of games and the game of kings is transformed into
a genuine collector's item. Pawns in crystal and chessboard in inlaid marble.
  Experience Driving a Formula 1 Race Car from Home
UK-based Cranfield Simulation recently announced the world’s first full- motion F1 Simulator designed specifically for the home. The high-tech setup promises to faithfully recreate the racing experience, allowing users to
select any car and build specification and race it on any circuit around the world.
Cruise an Icy Fjord,
Surf off a Beach
To convince joy riders that this is the coolest new water toy around, Radinn’s team took the company’s jetboards around the world, from the canals of Amsterdam to the beaches of the Dominican Republic and the fjords of Norway.
  Photos Courtesy Of: Baccarat, Koroyd, Cranfield Siumulation, Radinn
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