Page 131 - Ocean Blue World 27th Edition
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Your help is sought also in order to get new works of art to The Tate Modern collection via the Tate Americas Foundation, such as “Remain, Thriving, 2018” by Njideka Akunyili Crosby and other
works by established contemporary artists which enrich the museum’s collection.
My alma mater, El Colegio de México, and the Fundación Colmex have launched “El Colmex es TUYO” a scholarship fund for students. Although more than $50,000 has already been raised, your help is still needed to support education at all levels.
    See what I’m up to, who I am helping and join the conversation at or my weekly publications at Post Script in @rsvpexcelsior. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @rafaelmicha.
 Photos Courtesy Of: Getty Images, El Colegio de México, David Kordansky |131

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