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Alan Estrada @alanestrada
   Actor, dancer and singer, Alan Estrada is always looking for a new challenge either on stage, in films or as he journeys across the globe. Best known as "Mario" in the Spanish musical Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar, Estrada┬┤s
popular YouTube channel Alan X El Mundo is a must-see blog where he documents his world travels and shares his personal experiences with more than 2.85 million followers.
Roberto Arechederra R@robertoarechederra
enowned consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Roberto Arechederra is committed to building a better world. Founder of Bursar, an investment banking and strategic
consulting firm, Arechederra coaches top companies and individuals around the world on financial approaches positively transforming lives along the way.
   Sculpture artist Marcos Cojab is one to watch. His designs are found around the globe in galleries, art fairs and museums, in addition to a growing number of personal art collections. Inspired by Mexico┬┤s art culture and travel,
his signature use of skulls as an artistic expression gives life and meaning to his art form.
Photos Courtesy Of: Alan Estrada, Ares Saiza - Ocean Blue Productions, Marcos Cojab
Marcos Cojab @alquimiamc |17

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