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 Turner’s relationship with Ike, whom she would marry, was professionally quite solid, with the duo spinning out hits such as "River Deep – Mountain High," and the Grammy
Award-winning "Proud Mary." Privately, however, their relationship was one of physical and emotional abuse.
Turner divorced Ike in the late ‘70s and went on to relaunch her career in 1984 with the multi- platinum album Private Dancer, which garnered her another Grammy as well as spawning her first number one hit, “What’s
Love Got To Do With It,” at age 44, marking one of the greatest comebacks in music history.
Turner’s tours filled stadiums and arenas across the globe and she earned a total of 12 Grammy Awards before retiring in 2009 after selling nearly 200 million records.
With her spiky hair, endless legs, hauntingly sultry voice and relentless drive, Turner, who turns 82 this year, is truly a legendary talent who has now been inducted in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
“Age is no issue to me. I think 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 50. There are no rules that say you have to dress a certain way or be a certain way.” |41

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