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  Eve Hewson spent more than a year living under lockdown with her parents and three siblings in Dublin, including her father Bono, (born Paul Hewson)
frontman for the band U2. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she described the experience in an interview as if the Osborns and the Kardashians combined to make a show, a time of love and healthy mischief rooted in familial ties that not even a pandemic could break.
Hewson, whose given name is Memphis Eve Sunny Day Iris, turns 30 this year after making her film debut 10 years earlier.
It’s been a long road for the beautiful and gifted actress who has taken on roles such as Mary in This Must Be the Place (2019) and Nurse Lucy in Steven Soderbergh’s television series The Knick (2014). But it’s her latest roles that are garnering attention and accolades.
“When people don’t expect much of you, it’s more enjoyable when you prove them wrong.”
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In her own right
In 2020 she took a turn in the BBC miniseries The Luminaries, filmed in New Zealand, then played Adele in 2021’s psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes, a performance that is simply riveting.
Portraying strong women is a purposeful choice for the spirited star who refuses to be typecast for her looks or gender. She’s comfortable and confident in her own skin; fame is simply a byproduct of her talent that she would rather do without.
 The Luminaries
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