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Actress Elizabeth Debicki is, quite simply, beauty personified. Lithe and lissome, the former ballet dancer uses her graceful body as an instrument that allows the characters she plays
to not just speak, but sing from the depths of their soul without making a sound. Her performances are magnetic and entrancing, her demeanor positively regal.
And while her exquisite features beguile audiences and critics, there’s more to her than just looks. Her keen intellect, sharp wit and vulnerability allow her to transcend the scripted word in a chameleon-like fashion.
Be it villain, housewife, mistress or gilded high priestess — Debicki plays every role with relish and unwavering commitment to explore the essence of the characters she embodies, digging deep into her psyche to unleash the part of herself that connects with those she portrays.
Born in Paris to ballet dancer parents of modest means, Debicki moved to Melbourne, Australia, when she was five.
A self-described “dag” — Australian slang for nerd — Debicki’s childhood dreams of becoming an archaeologist gave way to an affinity for dance, the family business, which she credits with teaching her discipline and tenacity.
“The older I geT and The more experIence I have, The more IT becomes apparenT ThaT your TruesT sTrengTh Is To speak wITh your own voIce. IT's scary To be auThenTIcally yourself.”
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