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California Dreaming
Louis Vuitton celebrates adventurous outdoors spirits with its Surf On The Beach board. Designed by multimedia artist Alex Israel, this sleek object is meticulously constructed in fiberglass with
a wooden spine. Israel's distinctive gradient effect echoes striking Californian sunsets, while the hand-painted body with frosted monogram overlay and custom-made fins add fine finishing touches.
GSummer Cruising
arage Italia is all about Icon e: the new project
that is bringing back iconic car spirit, projecting them into the future through electrical redevelopment. The project reflects the new attitude of the Milan hub toward the car and celebrates car culture by giving new life to the great cars of the past. The first drop in the
series is the Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e.
White Danny Beer Edition 909 Pro Model Inline Skates — the newest, most exciting edition to skating. Reinforced transparent fiberglass inline skates in white. Features include a round toe, tonal lace-up closure and adjustable clamp fastening at ankle. The removable padded Intuition liner in a graphic black and white pattern make for streamlined construction and refined design.
   TVinyl Revival
he Debut Carbon EVO acrylic turntable with Ortofon 2m red
cartridge by ProJect Audio Systems is a premium, manual turntable designed to deliver a first-class audio performance with true high-end credentials. This truly accomplished turntable with audiophile credibility throughout features newly developed engineering capabilities that are aesthetically capable of taking center stage in any home.
    Photos Courtesy Of: Louis Vuitton,, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Fiat, SSENSE
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