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Shiatsu, which literally translates to “finger pressure,” is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine first developed in Japan that is thought to have numerous health benefits, from relieving back pain and joint stiffness to helping reduce anxiety and
It’s a form of massage done fully clothed and works to channel energy through the body’s meridians by applying pressure. A Shiatsu practitioner uses fingers, hands, feet and even elbows through gentle and vertical pressure to ease tension throughout the body. Shiatsu manipulates “Qi” energy, and involves close communication between practitioner and recipient.
Sessions usually last between 60 and 90 minutes and recipients report improved bowel function, decreased fatigue, relaxation and relief of chronic pain, among other benefits.
Marilyn Monroe used Shiatsu to help treat her insomnia; Muhammad Ali was also a fan. Modern celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bündchen swear by the practice. “Shiatsu is magic, you have to try it!” the supermodel has said of the technique.
And while electronic Shiatsu simulators are available for purchase, there is no substitute for a trained practitioner’s experience and personal touch in realigning the body’s energy.
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