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   UBe a Hero
nder the slogan “unleash generosity,” the multi-talented David Samra has developed a website where donations go to support an umbrella group composed of over 100
organizations. These heroes advocate for the rights of women and children, education, housing, animals, the environment, health and art. Visit to find out how you can join their efforts.
AIDS activism
id for AIDS International and Aid for Life International is calling on all of us to help
spread hope by empowering both communities at risk of HIV and the general population. Visit for more information.
See what I’m up to, who I am helping and join the conversation at or my weekly publications at Post Script in @rsvpexcelsior. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @rafaelmicha.
    Photos Courtesy Of:, IG Museo de Artes Populares,,, Shutterstock |115

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