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 “I’m getting more adventurous as I get older. I’m doing it the wrong way around.”
                                  UP AND COMING
 The new King James
James Norton is charmingly handsome, with a face and demeanor that instantly puts one at ease. But the former monastic student who studied theology at Cambridge can easily slip into darker, more
sinister roles, making his versatility and eagerness to play against type one of his greatest strengths.
While he could have remained in comfortable roles in period pieces, such as Little Women (2019), TV dramas War and Peace (2016) or Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2015), he’s also played villain Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley which earned him a BAFTA nomination in 2015 and helped shed the posh Englishman image.
Norton is taking on roles such as Hugo Swann in the 2021 HBO series The Nevers, as the owner of a sex club whose appetites know no boundaries, to put it mildly.
But Norton can be nice as well as naughty, and 2020 saw him further extend his range as a dying father in Nowhere Special, for which Norton was praised by the Guardian for his “subtly powerful performance,” a refrain we expect to hear more of.
With Norton further branching out into producing, and his collaboration with British fashion house Belstaff, his creative inspiration seems unstoppable.
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