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  “Everything about the club matches my football ambitions. I know how talented the squad and the coaching staff are here. I am determined to help build something special for the club and the fans, and I am looking forward to stepping out onto the pitch at the Parc des Princes.”
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Lionel Messi, inarguably the greatest soccer player in the history of the sport, made an exciting move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain late this summer, much to the delight of his new team and
fans. Leaving Barcelona, a team he has played for since the age of 17, was bittersweet, but Messi is looking forward to playing — and winning — with his new club.
Messi, originally from Central Argentina, began playing soccer at the age of four. He moved to Spain when he was just 13 with the goal of playing for Barcelona firmly in his heart. Messi worked his way up through the junior leagues before making his professional debut with Barcelona on the pitch at just 17.
His short stature coupled with incredible strength give him unrivaled agility with the ball, and complete control in play, making him indomitable on the field, and a clear superstar of legendary status.
Thus far, the 34-year-old has collected more awards than any other player, including a record six Ballons d’Or and six European Golden Shoes, surpassing famed soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.
He has also scored an incredible 672 goals in his 778 matches for Barcelona, with certainly many more to come during his tenure with Paris.

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