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  Frederic Vidal
Modu Seye
is an honest and engaging conversation about the things that matter. Thanking her guest and audience, the production comes to a close — it's a wrap.
It's clear why Mod Pod With Fukunaga has everyone talking. It's much more than a simple podcast — it's a full-scale production show featuring the best industry experts and community leaders with discussions on everything from real estate to lifestyle and travel to architecture. The inauguration of this latest project seemed only a logical fit for Fukunaga, who, at the top of her game continues to breathe influence, insight and inspiration to all her followers.
Tune in to Mod Pod With Fukunaga and celebrate the strength and pulse of the luxury market with leading female entrepreneur, Vanessa Fukunaga. Now available on; Spotify; Amazon Music; iHeart Radio; Google Podcasts; TuneIn + Alexa; Instagram; YouTube and all major podcast platforms.
   Astrid Asher
José Cárdenas, Dr. Carlos Cárdenas
  Luis Guillermo López
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