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     The era of the airship is back, at least that’s what Swedish company OceanSky Cruises is banking on. The company is now taking reservations, invitation-only, for its inaugural, roundtrip 36-
hour flight from Norway to the North Pole. The vessel is a modern version of the dirigible, a helium-filled, lighter- than-air ship appointed with all the accouterments of a five-star luxury hotel aiming to be the first airship to actually land at the North Pole.
Best of all, the concept of the airship is sustainable travel with a greatly reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional aircraft. Adventurous travelers will make the journey in impeccable style, accompanied by a crew
of seven, including a private chef who once worked for the Danish royal family. Heading up the expedition is Robert Swan, the first man to walk both the North and South Poles.
Just 16 guests will travel in eight private suites, and the ship boasts numerous viewing windows for the low and slow journey, allowing for incredible vistas of Arctic fauna and landscapes.
Upon arrival at the North Pole, guests will descend for a six-hour expedition replete with a polar picnic in one of the most remote locations on the planet, truly the adventure of a lifetime.
 Photos Courtesy Of: Ocean Sky Cruises, KIRTxTHOMSEN, Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd and Design Q
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