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ALa Bella Figura La Bella Figura
merican expat J.J. Martin was a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar and Wallpaper working in Milan when her then-husband suggested she started selling her extensive collection of vintage clothing and
jewelry online.
And in just seven short years she’s turned her business, La DoubleJ, into a complete lifestyle brand, celebrating her eclectic tastes and the soul of Milan, a city she didn’t take to at first but has learned to love with her characteristic passion.
From an online catalog to creating her own designs in collaboration with 150-year-old silk mill Mantero, Martin is taking the fashion industry by storm and opened up her flagship retail store, located on the Via Sant’Andrea, one of the most prestigious streets in Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda in spring 2021.
And the La DoubleJ brand is continuously expanding as Martin curates her collection of Italy’s most exquisite treasures. Her plates are sourced from Bitossi Home, Mascioni provides her boldly patterned table linens, and Rome-based artist Liselotte Watkins creates hand-painted vintage vases, among many other
artists she works with.
La DoubleJ’s clothing line has also grown to include shoes, swimwear, silk bowling shirts, boxers, jacquard knits as well as the classic La DoubleJ dresses that introduced the world to la bella figura and their creator’s irrepressible zest for life.
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“I’m not afraid of color at all. In fact, all color has a special vibration and the more you notice that and embrace it, the more you’re able to tap into something deeper in yourself. Color is power.”

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