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ith its physical beauty, laid-back lifestyle, ideal climate and low cost of living, Portugal is the new chic spot to visit, live and work.
The county offers a great option for expats taking advantage of working remotely. The government’s visa programs streamline the process to hire foreign workers.
Taxes are low. Broadband is ubiquitous. Direct trans- Atlantic fiber optic cable provides home network speeds averaging a gigabyte per minute.
Even casual visitors will fall in love with the idyllic Iberian lifestyle.
Porto, a coastal city along the Doura river is known for its quaint cobblestone streets and stunning architecture.
Lisbon pulses with a vibrant expat community from across the globe. Scarlett Johansson owns a flat there, as does Michael Fassbender. Madonna has a home in the capital city and John Malkovich owns a restaurant there.
And Évora, 90 miles inland from Lisbon, is home to the glorious Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval, where Princess Diana d’Orléans is scheduled to host an Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in summer 2022.
For those seeking balmy weather, sunny beaches, terraced vineyards and relaxed living, Portugal is indeed a dream retreat.
WBy Sonia Falcone
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