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  Daniel BouluD WorlD’s Best restaurateur
 French chef Daniel Boulud’s culinary empire is as vast as it is exquisite, and accolades continue to roll in, including being honored in late 2021 as the “Best Restaurateur in the World” by Les Grandes Tables du
Monde. Boulud’s flagship restaurant, New York’s Daniel, was lauded by the association composed of 184 top restaurants worldwide for its culinary excellence and sophistication, characteristic of Boulud’s passion for his craft.
Photos Courtesy Of: © Dinex Group / Daniel Boulud
And after 40 years in New York, Lyon-native Boulud has fully embraced his adopted hometown, commenting that the city "embodies, for many North Americans, French gastronomy or even gastronomy, period." For Boulud New York is, and remains, “one of the five most attractive cities in the world" for French gastronomy.
Daniel, which prides itself on French cooking with American ingredients and flavors, has earned two Michelin stars and is one of a galaxy of Boulud restaurants all over the United States and the world, including locations in Canada, Dubai, Singapore and the Bahamas, to name a few.
Boulud says the recent award is a testament to his team’s "professional dedication and really a sign of friendship and support from colleagues" in a high-stakes industry that is also a veritable art form for the senses.
After more than 50 years in the kitchen, this latest award celebrates Boulud’s continued devotion to quality, innovation and the inspiration of his French roots while exploring contemporary cuisine and infusing each dish with his unique, soulful flair.
  "To me, There's no greaT chef wiThouT a greaT Team."
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