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 working professionals, athletes, influencers, and clients and readers of Ocean Blue Magazine, this extraordinary movement is about taking greater steps towards completely recharging the body, mind and soul. Feel good and feel strong with Ocean Blue World.
From health and fitness events, to anti-aging and aesthetics treatments with Dr. Carlos Mauricio Cárdenas, to therapeutic #ByInvitationOnly pop- up experiences and inspiring culinary events, the Complete Body Recharge movement truly places health center stage. Then, there's the specialized fitness classes, motivational speakers and, of course, the divine location of Los Cabos where a workout and #OceanBlueExperience never felt or looked so good.
Encouraging a deeper connection with the body and mind, on the outside and the inside, with a phenomenal lineup of energizing and calming efforts, Ocean Blue World is on the quest to innovatively unfold the Complete Body Recharge movement.
    This edition's behind the scenes takes healthier living to a whole new level. A day with Ocean Blue World and it's clear to see how the drive for long-term wellness and living a remarkable
way of life is much more than just a workout — it's an entire movement. Introducing Complete Body Recharge. Particularly designed for health enthusiasts,
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