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     Sexy Fish Miami
With high-end glamor, surrealist décor, and opulent culinary majesty inspired by the oceans of Asia, the venue offers a multi sensory experience, allowing guests to enjoy high-end seafood including the aptly named Sexy Gold Fish & Crispy Caviar. Located in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, the venue draws a crowd every bit as stylish as its location. The over-the-top interiors designed by restaurateur Richard Caring and the award-winning Martin Brudnizki Studio feature original artwork by Damien Hirst, as well as an installation from Frank Gehry whose fish lamps play and sway beautifully to theme.
After years of traveling in search of the best ingredients, chef Santiago Lastra, is at the top of his game in the kitchen. His London-based restaurant, just off Marylebone’s Portman Square in London, was recently awarded a prestigious Michelin Star. Kol celebrates the finest expressions of British ingredients, championing wild food and seasonality to create dishes that reflect the bright, fresh flavors of Mexican cooking - the former Noma Mexico chef ’s heritage.
Photos Courtesy Of: Sexy Fish Miami, Felix Roasting Company, KOL Restaurant, Sketch London
Felix Roasting Company
New York’s Most Instagram-Worthy coffee shop is the top destination for artful espresso drinks, coffee cocktails, and the highest quality organic blends. Known for its transporting interiors by Ken Fulk and its over-the-top drinks like an espresso tonic that features housemade tonic water infused with Persian lime and cardamom. Meanwhile, those who decide to indulge on an espresso tonic get a concoction with housemade tonic water, three types of basil, lemon zest, rose-water spray and a Campari reduction served in a Bordeaux glass with a shot of chilled espresso on the side.
New York
The restaurant has been transformed into a mellow-yellow hangout. The redesign was overseen by renowned architect IndiaMahdavi.Shinycopper-coloredwallscreateahypnotizing effectunderneaththedomedceiling,reflectinglightfromlamps set on each table, as well as the bronze bar, and sunshiny-yellow stools. Pierre Gagnaire, the Gallery’s chef, created new additions to the menu in celebration of Sketch’s collaboration with British- Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare.
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