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ABy Kristofer Penseyres
zip line across a mountain face 650 feet over the ground, shooting an automatic weapon down a firing range, or deep sea diving
in full combat gear in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea–no, it is not The Farm. It is the second day of the Italian Navy Intensive Training in La Spezia as part of the Panerai client experience.
The luxury sector is seeing one of the most revolutionizing trends at the moment, where businesses use real life metaphors to communicate by way of “anchored” memories. These “memories” are the key characteristics of the products consumers are purchasing. According to Wealth-X, 45 percent of a millionaire’s disposable income is spent on experience versus a 23 percent investment on luxury products.
This new augmented luxury experience has also migrated to the most expensive and exclusive hotels of the world where the concept of the “invisible room,” - lodging only available to well-connected, privileged clients, neither communicated about, nor known by the public–can be booked for an insane price.
Photos Courtesy Of: Bucherer, Piseidon Resort, Kingston Treehouse, Mirta Rojo/Panerai, Harley Davidson/Bucherer
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