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 Shala Akintunde O @followshala
  DJ Diveny N @djdiveny
ative to New Jersey, Diveny has traveled the world for a sport that fuels his every move. As a soccer freestyler and fitness influencer with a degree in Applied Astrophysics, his creative talent
built on what he can do with a ball is a nod to his intricate performance of skill and control. His global audience of over 1.8 million predominantly on Instagram and TikTok, makes his social media promotions for the world´s biggest brands a kickin´ success. With a ball never far from his feet, Diveny is esteemed for hosting educational events with local academies and energetically performing for varying audiences. His fluid poetic style is an inspiration for people around the globe.
lusola “Shala” Akintunde is a Nigerian-American social impact artist, producer and pioneer in the emerging medium of solar art - a discipline that seamlessly merges art and solar technology.
Admired for his Bronzeville Solar Pyramid which provides energy to a neighboring community, his collaborations with top global brands focus on the better good of society. With music, culture, and politics as the driving force behind his work, the Chicago-based artist´s goal is to move the world forward by ushering in the art of clean energy.
  Photos Courtesy Of: Rena Naltas, Ashley Jade Pietro | 17

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