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  Zane Schweitzer A @zaniac1
unique type of athlete, Zane Schweitzer fully invests his time into the craft of action water sports while ensuring the field he plays on is always taken care of. As a fifteen-time World
Champion, two-time Ultimate Waterman, and five-time Master of the Ocean, Schweitzer has moved the surfing world not only with his talent and expertise but also with his innovative ways to protect the ocean – the place he calls home. Working closely with local government leaders, athletes, and non-profits, Schweitzer is passionate about using his platform for the better good of the world.
When not competing, Schweitzer participates in ocean clean-ups educating others on how to protect the environment. He started the #PocketofPlasticChallenge which encourages those to grab a pocket full of plastic from the beaches and properly recycle. Paving the way forward for the next generation of eco-stewards, his inspiring work with young people including the InZane Clinics teaches thousands of kids how to swim, surf, paddle and respect the Ocean. Schweitzer is an in- demand speaker performing at schools, businesses and community events, leaving audiences inspired and full of the “Zaniac” spirit. Sharing a passion for writing, he published his first book Beneath the Surface in 2017 and continues to document his worldwide travels through collections of powerful blogs and messages.
An ocean warrior and enthusiast, Schweitzer is taking the lead with his growing count of dedicated followers lining up to catch the wave.
   Photos Courtesy Of: Cory Scott, Abraham Shouse
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