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       Berry is as good as it gets with her acting and production roles having really stood the test of time. When it comes to grit, this mother of two is the exemplification of courage and
determination doing everything from performing her own stunts to maintaining a strict health and fitness regime. Blessed with beauty, her eternal grace and youthful looks also come with a hard-fought fortitude focused on full body workouts, meditation, and a ketogenic diet. Although, it´s not only her health that is long-lasting. As we have seen Berry evolve with the times in her acting career, she has also spent a great deal out of the spotlight bringing attention to women´s causes and environmental concerns. Embracing her power for a purpose, Berry has made her way out of no way through persistence and bravery.
Wild and free, Berry embodies strength, courage and endurance and I applaud her for all she has accomplished. Just like Ocean Blue magazine, Berry is living her best life and from here on in - it only gets better and better.
Vanessa Fukunaga Owner, CEO | Publisher @vanessafukunaga
The Options Are Endless
        Photos Courtesy Of: Ocean Blue Productions, @charitatostiphanye | 25

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