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  The global pandemic has sent shock waves through our healthcare systems and our global economies. Travel in particular has been hit especially hard. Stock markets in both the U.S. and Europe have
lost a quarter of their value. Commercial real estate is down 25% worldwide. But there’s good news for residential real estate — in particular resort areas — as investors move their money to low-density markets.
While the financial crisis of 2007-2008 saw devastation and loss, this is different. Investors, particularly in real estate are acting quite rational. Optimistic even. Instead of calling off deals — as was the case in the Great Recession — they’re looking to put their money into rental properties that will generate positive cash flow. And with leisure travel making a comeback, Los Cabos is a good bet to invest. For many during
Casa Oliver, Puerto Los Cabos
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quarantine, it’s been a time to take stock and re-evaluate what’s important in life, and maybe also what’s missing.
Perhaps that’s why we’ve seen a 38% rise in rental requests. People want longer stays, and more amenities to enjoy while they’re here. The Los Cabos market with its unfailing focus on luxury and service has held steady, with an average of 92% of properties sold at listing price.
So while we all (safely) resume our lives, people’s preferences are changing. More beachfront included.
Dieter Esch Chairman
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