Page 117 - Ocean Blue World 26th Edition
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Last June, MAC announced the launch of its MAC Underground sub-brand of makeup using the drop technique to launch their first limited product range, which resulted in 1,000 pieces
created to sell out in only 55 minutes online, a rousing success story.
The concept proved to be an incredible strategy for start- ups and smaller businesses, too. Unimatic, an Italian watchmaking brand, swears by this process with the added value of including a limited-edition collaboration with NASA or Sponge Bob in their drops resulting in their products most often being sold out within the hour.
So what are the benefits of product drops for brands and what kind of insights do they offer long term? It's simple. Drops give brands the ability to test new products in short numbers with the options to bring back a new iteration of that same product in a second wave. It also prompts shoppers to make fast purchase decisions out of fear of missing out on something special, proving to be an important strategy for modern brands to consider.

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