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     The French Laundry Cookbook
The most transformative cookbook of the century celebrates the genius of chef/proprietor Thomas Keller — a wizard, a purist, a man obsessed with getting it right. His first cookbook, is as satisfying as a French Laundry meal: a series of small, impeccable, highly refined, intensely focused courses. The book captures, through recipes, essays, profiles, and extraordinary photography, one of America's great restaurants, its great chef, and the food that makes both unique.
Everyone Can Bake
Acclaimed pastry chef Dominique Ansel shares his simple, foolproof recipes for tarts, cakes, jams, and more “building blocks” of desserts for home cooks to master and mix as they please. Ansel is the creator of beautiful, innovative, and delicious desserts, from the Frozen S’More to the Cronut®. He has been called the world’s best pastry chef. Named one of the best cookbooks of the season by The New York Times.
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The Flavor Equation
In this groundbreaking book, Nik Sharma, scientist, food blogger, and author of the buzz-generating cookbook Season, guides home cooks on an exploration of flavor in more than 100 recipes. The book provides inspiration and knowledge to both home cooks and seasoned chefs and features Sharma's evocative, trademark photography style. Named one of the Best Fall Cookbooks 2020 by The New York Times, Eater, Food & Wine, Saveur, and many more.
Open Kitchen
Simple, stylish recipes for fearless entertaining from the renowned Hollywood food stylist, New York Times contributor, and founding food editor of Martha Stewart Living. As a professional recipe developer, avid home cook, and frequent hostess, Susan Spungen is devoted to creating perfectly simple recipes for good food. In Open Kitchen, she arms readers with elegant, must-make meal ideas that are easy to share and enjoy with family and friends.
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