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Made Of Steel
It’s a bird.....It’s a plane.....No it’s Henry Cavill! He may have been born to play the dual role of Clark Kent and Superman in Man of Steel, but there’s so much more
behind the illustrious Superman suit than just good looks, irresistible charm, a sculptured physique and the ability to be faster than a speeding bullet. It’s Cavill’s strength from within and inward philosophy on life that’s the real superhero made of steel in this story.
Clearly an actor that has proven his mettle, his collection of unique roles includes everything from a legendary Greek champion to a charismatic American spy and famed detective in British literature. He shines in every portrayal with an honesty and integrity to each character’s essence, but above all, it’s his inner drive and mental strength that impresses me the most. In Man of Steel and The Witcher, we see his hard work come to life through a serious commitment to strenuous training sessions in preparation for high-level stunt work. It’s no wonder that both were watched by record numbers of households, all keen for a glimpse of his chiseled figure. What’s
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