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                                 COOL OVER 50
  The ArT of Living
“I was born elegant, so I love elegance. I love the theatrIcalIty
of lIfe.”
You know him as James Bond, Thomas Crown and Remington Steele, but there’s more to the always dashing Pierce Brosnan than a hugely successful acting career.
Although he’s had resounding success in a career that has spanned four decades, Brosnan, 67, has a number of other skills in his tool kit; he is a producer, environmental activist, prolific painter and can even breathe fire, a talent he picked up as a young actor in London and used on the set of Remington Steele, the romantic comedy detective series that launched his career in the early ‘80s.
Brosnan, a native of Ireland, is perhaps best known for his turn in four 007 films between 1995 and 2002.
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His witty, elegant take on James Bond was a role critics said he was simply born to play and he brought much- needed weight to the classic character.
These days, Brosnan has traded 007 martinis for tequila, as the global ambassador for Casa Don Ramón, and is preparing to star in the WWII drama, The Rifleman.
Beyond Hollywood, you should also know Brosnan as a philanthropist and an accomplished artist. In 2018 his portrait of Bob Dylan fetched $1.4 million at a charity auction in Cannes, a turn of events that left the multi- talented, much-loved actor humbled and proves that he’s mastered the art of living by living through his art.

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