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  The touch of this personal headhunting expands to India, France, Canada, Italy and other international locations where Vidal has been hands on in recruiting,
looking to bring the best of the best to paradise. The skilled team of over 600 staff members are experts in providing an impeccable level of service and hospitality that only Las Ventanas al Paraíso can provide. Divided into 20 different divisions, each one reliant on the other, the combined set of skills is without a doubt world-class.
The expansive food and beverage operation explores unique flavors, intimate dining experiences and top- tier culinary techniques. In addition to Alebrije, the resort enjoys a myriad of dining venues including Sea Grill specializing in Cocina del Fuego; Arbol
Photos Courtesy Of: Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort
featuring fine Pan-Asian cuisine; Taqueria for poolside gourmet; the Tequila & Ceviche Bar; and a special teppanyaki ice cream bar. Leading the market with excellence fused into every detail, a dedicated romance department caters to every lovers’ dream, while the Pets Luxury Program makes for over- the-top amenities including customized menus, massages, classes and even private butler services for furry ones to live in the lap of luxury. When it comes to quality entertainment, artist in residence Rosalia de Cuba takes the stage at La Botica – the region’s first speakeasy piano bar. Furthermore, a trained magician and certified tequila maestro impress and excite with every move. The expert team are continually curating art from around Mexico, adding to the property’s extensive collection of centuries-old sustainable artwork.
For those who expect unmatched luxury with perfection, there simply is no better place to call home than Las Ventanas al Paraíso
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