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 Wearing The CroWn
Few actresses can bring to life the grace, intelligence and honesty of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and even fewer will wear the crown. A new Princess Diana is soon to
emerge in the hit Netflix series, The Crown, and she´s our #OnTheCover Elizabeth Debicki. Taking over the role for the final two seasons, Debicki is the perfect fit with an uncanny resemblance and a bravery that is deeply inspiring. I was hooked at episode one, and now as this fascinating series moves into the 1990s and 2000s, the wait to see Debicki rise to this new challenge is one we´re all standing by for.
Sure, this new role is set to elevate her career to another level, but Debicki's portfolio of unique roles is impressive as ever and clearly — for those who closely follow her every move — there´s no easing up. She stole the show in The Great Gatsby, received raving reviews in Widows, played the charming voice of Mopsy in Peter Rabbit, and showed us her grit and endurance in last year's blockbuster thriller TENET. Embodying this other worldly manner, Debicki knows her self-worth and portrays a confidence that is positively impacting Hollywood and beyond. She's not interested in being comfortable and will persevere
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