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     The Options Are Endless
to the very end, taking risks and working tirelessly along the way. With a nomadic lifestyle that frequently sprints between Sydney, Los Angeles and London, Debicki looks beyond the hustle and bustle leading with an elegance and sophistication that sways on the private side of life.
Her 6' 3" height is as powerful and striking as is her willingness to be completely herself. That's what I love most about her. She's pure, she's real and she has her feet solidly on the ground. Having made the beginnings of her career entirely on her own, it´s only getting better from here on in. Ticking all the boxes as the People's Princess, this French-born, Australian-raised actress is one to watch. As the crown is passed on, it's an honor to have Elizabeth Debicki #OnTheCover of our special 27th edition.
Vanessa Fukunaga Owner, CEO | Publisher @vanessafukunaga
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