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“I’m at an age when parts are getting more interesting for me. I don’t feel I missed out on much.”
She is, as The New Yorker once described her, “a character actress in a screen siren’s body.”
Eclectic roles in films like Batman Returns, Married to the Mob, The Fabulous Baker Boys and Mother! showcase Pfeiffer’s incredible range and devotion to her craft.
That talent is on full display in 2021’s French Exit, where Pfeiffer, 63, plays an aging, cash-strapped socialite with grit and deadpan humor.
Critics are buzzing about a possible Oscar nomination for the actress who, with 50 films under her belt, has been nominated thrice before.
But make no mistake, her latest performance was by no means a swan song; with several new projects in the works for 2022, Pfeiffer continues to challenge herself as an actress, enchanting audiences and critics for many years to come.
   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
 French Exit
 Batman Returns
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