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ctor Stanley Tucci, 60, is a blank canvas. Top his shaven head with a wig or trade out his trademark black glasses and he can become anyone, from a child killer
in The Lovely Bones (2009) to Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada (1999) to technicolor-haired TV host Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games (2012) and countless other shape-shifting transformations in the 92 films he has appeared in since 1982.
The much-lauded actor is also a writer, producer and director with a healthy fan base, but lately he’s attracting attention more for his mixology and culinary expertise than his skill as an actor.
Take, for example, the 2020 Instagram video of Tucci demonstrating how to make the perfect Negroni, which has garnered more than 1.6 million views.
“I act to eat.
 The only way I can afford
When it comes to food, Tucci’s not acting; his gastronomic roots run deep. Fascinated by the culture and history of the dishes he grew up with as the son of Italian immigrants, Tucci has memorialized family recipes in two cookbooks.
to eat is to act.”
In February 2021 Tucci starred in a wildly popular six-part series called “Searching for Italy” (which has been renewed for a second season) in which he travels the different regions of his ancestral country, this time playing himself in perhaps his finest role, as he celebrates Italy’s foodways with unabashed gusto.
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